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Clear Life Now - Energy Medicine at its Best

Your pain is a sign something needs to change... 
Lets change it fast without going in to detail. 
"Act now, the time will never be just right" Napoleon Hill

Mother's worries gone and Heart Wall cleared.

After Spending many years trying all types of treatments from natural and energy healers to Doctors and specialists Marie's Boy had a constant coughing that lasted ages nearly the whole of winter. Watch the testimonial and the real life story.


Experienced healer of 35 years gets blown away with the EWBP

Rosemary Butterworth - Got increased energy and power over her symptoms.

Sydney to Las Vegas session over phone, with amazing results.

My name is Jamie Upham and I am a thirty year old American.  I found Adam Khedoori online and was very interested in his practice.  I was not too skeptical simply because Adam seemed to sense deep issues that I had not seen in myself.  This was the reason why I chose him because Adam had hit a deep trigger in me.  In our session, he naturalized and stabilized my emotional and physical wellness.   I had attachments to past situations pertaining to my father and I realized that it is no longer affecting me.  Mr. Khedoori asked me what it was that was bothering me about the situations.  These words penetrated through me and allowed me to realize that nothing was really bothering me.  Adam helped me release the weight of my sufferings that I was endlessly carrying.  I got sick a great deal from American food and I was never quite sure why.  Adam asked me what it was about America that bothers me.  I realized that I emotionally did not trust my country and every time I would eat I would feel nausea because of the emotional attachment.  I have had nausea once since my session with Adam and I told myself that it is ok to trust America and the food here.  My sickness literally diminished abruptly.  This was a serious issue I had weekly for six years or so.  I thought I had an allergic reaction to something in food but when I would leave the country I was fine.  As soon as I'd return to America I would be sick routinely.  Adam has help me greatly on my physical and emotional wellness.  During our session I felt happier, more energized without the aches and pains.  Before our session I was thinking about my attachments quite frequently but now I am more focused on my present moment.  Thanks to Adam, I have deepened my intuition and have turned deeper inward.  I noticed changes immediately during our session and long after our session.  It has been two weeks after our session and I can honestly say that I am a lot stronger emotionally and physically.  I would recommend this to everyone who feels that they have physical or emotional problems that are holding them back from daily life.  If I had to rate this session I would give him five stars. - August 2013

Testimonials - And Thanks...

Asthma for life gone!

I can't thank you enough for what you did. I am still trying to understand it completely, with the information you have given me. It is truly amazing! It has changed my life for the better!

I was suffering from severe asthma problems since September 2012 from two horrible incidents that happened at my work place. This caused a very bad case of bronchitis and a large lung infection. I had been on all types of prescribed steroids and inhalers to open up my lungs but nothing was working well. Adam's treatment seemed very simple and almost unbelievable. Within half an hour my lungs had returned to full capacity. I couldn't believe it after struggling for moths with severe asthma and having asthma all of my life. It has been years since I was able to breathe with such ease. I am also an opera singer so without the lung capacity I need to sing in opera, the severe asthma could have ended my career before it had even started. Since the treatment I have had no issues since, my lungs feel clear all the time, my singing is a million times easier and my overall health has improved. I went to my doctor shortly after the treatment and she couldn't believe the change in my breathing. I would recommend him to anyone and am sure he has the capabilities to treat any type of illness. I will be returning to Adam in the future if for some reason I have any other ailments but I very much doubt that I will have too because of the treatment he has already done.

Thank you Adam for helping to change my life for the better!
With warmest regards,
- Damien Noyce


Chiropractic adjustments done over the phone...

1) So far I experienced a relief in my back pain (after second session) and my chiropractor noticed some improvement in muscle tones as well.

2) After third session during which you corrected my eyes, I suddenly straight after the end of the session discovered that I can read without my glasses. It looks like my vision improved from -1 to -0.5, so I do not need my -1 glasses .I can explain this result by more relaxed eye muscles after the release of trapped emotions.

- George L.


Emotional Baggage lifted

Up till now I didn?t know how deeply disturbed we are with our emotional baggage we carry. Even more surprising was, while Adam delved into it, memories flooded back to my mind, memories I rejected or purposefully ignore.


I was concerned, will it have an impact on me, good or bad, and was surprised to note my entire being felt at ease, as if loads of burdens were lifted from my soul. I feel already so much better emotionally.


I am looking forward for my next session, and thank you Adam for your help.

- Marta K


Shoulder bolder Gone and relationship trauma

Thought I'd share how I'm feeling today. While I still feel the tightness between my neck and shoulder the actual boulder that had been sitting on my shoulder is like its melted away. Spectacular! I've been testing how I feel about the emotions related to the relationship that was causing the negative emotions and thus tension in my shoulder and there is a much more balanced/neutral feeling to this. Releasing all the trapped emotions particularly the cutting of the umbilical cords ( I recall this process outside of our session now) has had a large effect to the situation. It was also amazing that you discovered an old work colleague that required cutting of the cord (which incidentally was a similar relationship situation as the one i've been dealing with this week..). Again a huge thank you for your wonderful work.


So I'd love to be able to refer your services on because I think its fantastic. What I need help with is explaining to people what it is you actually do. I think saying "clearing your trapped emotions" is vague. Is there a way I can explain "how"?.

- Patch Nosavan


Shawn's Stress and life issues cleared

Hi guys; to anyone which is reading this. This is real. I've had sessions with this man and honestly. I didn't believe it at first but it works. I was having issues in different aspects of my life and after some time with this gentleman; I was feeling a lot better; had a better mindset and was worrying less about trivial things.


An example of how he helped - late last year I was feeling pain in me upper back and was seeing various physicians but none had any clue what was wrong. I looked up this guy on a whim and we began talking. Not even a day later; I feeling like a new me. My back washy aching and my mind was clearer.


So anyone who feels they need any clarity or help in any aspect of life should really try this.


Cheers. Shawn Muñoz


Bens Back pain Gone...

I have had 8/10 back pain at work for 2 years. Taken a lot of leave and no one could understand what was wrong with my back. I was totally sceptical that this would work. After the first session incredibly the pain was nearly gone. And after the next which was done without me even being present, now glad to report pain has not come back for 2 months. Thank you, Adam I can't recommend your service enough. Even though I have no idea what you did. It worked... - Ben Balgowan