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My name is Jamie Upham and I am a thirty year old American.  I found Adam Khedoori online and was very interested in his practice.  I was not too skeptical simply because Adam seemed to sense deep issues that I had not seen in myself.  This was the reason why I chose him because Adam had hit a deep trigger in me.  In our session, he naturalized and stabilized my emotional and physical wellness.   I had attachments to past situations pertaining to my father and I realized that it is no longer affecting me.  Mr. Khedoori asked me what it was that was bothering me about the situations.  These words penetrated through me and allowed me to realize that nothing was really bothering me.  Adam helped me release the weight of my sufferings that I was endlessly carrying.  I got sick a great deal from American food and I was never quite sure why.  Adam asked me what it was about America that bothers me.  I realized that I emotionally did not trust my country and every time I would eat I would feel nausea because of the emotional attachment.  I have had nausea once since my session with Adam and I told myself that it is ok to trust America and the food here.  My sickness literally diminished abruptly.  This was a serious issue I had weekly for six years or so.  I thought I had an allergic reaction to something in food but when I would leave the country I was fine.  As soon as I'd return to America I would be sick routinely.  Adam has help me greatly on my physical and emotional wellness.  During our session I felt happier, more energized without the aches and pains.  Before our session I was thinking about my attachments quite frequently but now I am more focused on my present moment.  Thanks to Adam, I have deepened my intuition and have turned deeper inward.  I noticed changes immediately during our session and long after our session.  It has been two weeks after our session and I can honestly say that I am a lot stronger emotionally and physically.  I would recommend this to everyone who feels that they have physical or emotional problems that are holding them back from daily life.  If I had to rate this session I would give him five stars. - August 2013