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How all issues are related?

The quick explination to the EWBP©

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Information on a how it works and session times


Session Times and how long?

I work most afternoons 12-6pm and weekends 12-2pm, Times may vary with clients.

Sessions can be 20 mins to 90 mins


Do you need to believe in this technique for it to work?

No, anyone can benefit from this, including other people can be done remotely(Any place over phone). I have even worked though parents to assist young children with all issues. 


Does it work on just physical pain?

It has worked on many people, although we cant claim that you will have any changes, however if nothing changes you can get a refund. It also looks at Emotional ,mental and physiological pain which is non physical side of pain. It actually causes pain.


What is causing my the pain?

As we looked at non physical pain, there is sometimes a physical side to things such as an accident or injury which has caused pain. These can be speed up and healed dramatically faster especially for old age clients. 


When we think of the body we can see that it is only energy down to a sub-quantum particles of molecules and atoms. These are moving vibrating particles. These particles can be moved. Dr Bradley Nelson creator of the emotion code and chiropractor can make physical adjustments to clients without even being with them or next to them, even in another country and adjust bones (NO TOUCHING/Physical contact) is needed.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." Albert Einstein 


3 ways to interact

  1. In person Sydney Darling Point 
  2. Skype adam.khedoori
  3. I can call you



Clearing and corrections done by Adam Khedoori using the EWB Process©, the The Emotion code©,  and other energetic methods are not a replacement for any treatment, and may or may not accelerate the elimination of your SYMPTOMS. No claims are made with the use of these methods, of treatment or cures for your conditions, symptoms, injuries, illness or disease. Consult your physician, therapist or counselor for diagnosis and treatment. 

As the Client/Participant I hereby release Adam Khedoori and colleagues involved with the EWB Process©, the The Emotion code©, from any liability, including personal injury, accident, or any physical, mental or emotional condition that may result from work done on and with Me. 

I have read the above agreements and terms and further certify that I am a voluntary participant before doing any sessions