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What is Yuen Method?

Posted by Adam Khedoori on January 8, 2014 at 1:25 AM

What is the Yuen Method?


The Yuen Method is a cutting edge natural human trait that every human being possesses. Inappropriately, you and countless others have been told and misled that you do not have this innate intelligence.


This simple process acknowledges that you are computers not internal chemical factories that must diligently be watched and monitored by experts other than yourself. You are the expert. The Yuen Method augments the expertise of your logic and insight to answer your own questions and resolve your life problems appropriately and immediately on the spot. You can answer your own life questions and resolve your own life problems. This includes health, fitness, relationship, money/finance, career/purpose, less aging/time, which is the hexagon of leading life supports.


No healing, no curing and no long term therapy are required. You will be directed to answer and resolve any unanswered and unresolvable physical and nonphysical life problems that have been plaguing you and the rest of the human race. The Yuen Method is supported by the New Science of Immediate Results. Just like computer science and technology, immediately results are consistently expected when a question is asked and a problem is presented. This holds true regardless of the seriousness of the problem.


This means that your questions and problems related to health, fitness, relationship, money/finances, career/purpose and less aging/time, will be appropriately resolved without any guesswork or time lapse pretexts of “no results”. The Yuen Method achieves immediate results based on the right answer, which resolves the problem in real time with no further questions that need to be asked.

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