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Explaining the thinking mind

Posted by Adam Khedoori on November 18, 2013 at 11:05 PM

I want you to imagine that you live on a planet where everyone

has a skin disease. For two or three thousand years, the people on

your planet have suffered the same disease: Their entire bodies

are covered by wounds that are infected, and those wounds really

hurt when you touch them. Of course, they believe this is a normal

physiology of the skin. Even the medical books describe this

disease as a normal condition.

When the people are born, their skin is healthy, but around

three or four years of age, the first wounds start to appear. By the

time they are teenagers, there are wounds all over their bodies.

Can you imagine how these people are going to treat each

other? In order to relate with one another, they have to protect

their wounds. They hardly ever touch each other's skin because it

is too painful. If by accident you touch someone's skin, it is so

painful that right away she gets angry and touches your skin, just

to get even. Still, the instinct to love is so strong that you pay a

high price to have relationships with others.

Well, imagine that a miracle occurs one day. You awake and

your skin is completely healed. There are no wounds anymore, and

it doesn't hurt to be touched. Healthy skin you can touch feels

wonderful because the skin is made for perception. Can you

imagine yourself with healthy skin in a world where everyone has

a skin disease? You cannot touch others because it hurts them,

and no one touches you because they make the assumption that it

will hurt you. By Mastery of love - Don Ruiz


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