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How long was it since you had total joy and confidence

Posted by Adam Khedoori on October 30, 2013 at 3:15 AM

There is so many ways that I can assist clients... And it gets a bit hard to explain but here I go...


I suppose one of the hardest things to do is to share an experience with some. There are many testimonials I have had and people keep sharing this with others.

So I have a metaphor which illustrates the infinite joy from connecting to yourself and opening your heart wall.


Remember old TV's with the big tube and square screen, Imagine watching life though a old TV, and then upgrading to a new flat screen nearly double the size.


Now imagine downgrading back to the old TV, as you can feel there is limits there and quality of life is less. That is what this work is about it is about increasing your joy in every moment. By increasing the number of thoughts you go strong to. Anyone who has experienced the deletion process of clearing energies and negative thinking experience almost an inablity to connect up with the old issues.


This is not a placebo or hypnosis, it works on the principles of everything is energy, the laws of polarity and laws of opposite. Which means to get to a neutral state and that neutral state is joy and happiness in every moment.


I am very open to discussing all questions. Please let me know what you are thinking...


This is a video on the Heart-wall by DR Nelson


With Joy, Adam Khedoori

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