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Why not now!

Posted by Adam Khedoori on September 21, 2013 at 2:35 PM

Why not now? – Adam Khedoori

So many times, I see people with the attitude:

• Why should I?

• I don’t like that. I don’t want to do it.

• I hate this place!

• I really hate that person!

• I feel powerless against addictions.

• I can’t look at myself in the mirror.

• I can't change it, I tried

• That doesn't work

• I don't believe in that

• That's not proven by science

• No one does that

• Nothing will ever change

These are self-defeating statements. They are also all defence mechanisms to cover up what is really going on inside.

You object to the challenges life throws at you more because of fear of what will happen if you fail—or if you are successful. To change self-defeating attitudes, we have to conquer our fears and our egos. We have to acknowledge their existence and then simply let them be, and take action. Action is the cure to all fear and it builds courage.

All of the models and beliefs we have constructed create false representations of the real message behind anything. The only true thing is the truth/belief you give it.

Why is it so hard to follow though? Is it because we have given up our power? A perfect example is when someone is smoking. Cigarette smoking is an addiction worse than heroin. Almost every five minutes, you can smoke a cigarette. Of course, this feeling is pretty conditioned into our nervous system (you don't even need to think any more you just do it). In giving up this addiction, many people seem to be able to go cold turkey on smoking despite its highly addictive property. Why is that? It’s is our own perception that has given power to beat or to succumb to any addiction. Well tell ourselves about quitting:

• It’s too hard!

• I can’t do it!

• I don't need help

All these self-defeating language patterns and beliefs have built up inside us. We have accepted the reality of the addiction as really hard to give up.

So what do we need to defeat an addiction? We don’t need will power. Will power will break down after a massive day or week of action. We don’t need deciding. When we decide to do something it’s saying, “I have decided to give up smoking.” How many people say, “I will give up tomorrow?”

It’s not trying because there is no such thing as trying. You are either doing or you are not. Trying is an excuse to fail. “I tried to do it but I just couldn’t make it!”

So what does it come down to? What is the master question?

In the words of that wise philosopher, NIKE, “JUST DO IT!”

When you move your words to more than just talk, you put them into action. You expect no sympathy from anyone. “Like a silent achiever”, you don’t just give yourself power. You grow exponentially to rise above the fear, the self-abuse, and the judgment of others.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

You sit on top of pride. Passion for doing something—accomplishing a goal—is an energy source with more power. You become the passion for life.

Why do people keep saying they can’t follow though? Why do people not ever take action? Is it because they want to abuse themselves or is it to find pleasure in doing the same old things to themselves. Is it because they think that is all there is and they commit themselves to a lower standard of life?

Life is not about finding out who you are. Life is about making you who you want to be.

Be mindful of your actions hold yourself accountable. No one else will.

There is always something better if you look hard enough. As Dianna Ross put it: “There ain’t no mountain high enough; ain’t no river wide enough; ain’t no valley low enough!” to keep you from achieving something you are committed to doing.

This is the best time to be alive. Seize the moment! Breathing it. Own it!

The only battle in life is the battle with yourself, and if you choose the battle you will get a battle. Choose the winning roads, the ones that you totally get the results instantly.

In the end, what does it matter if you keep failing in life? You will always come up against the same situation, until you sort it out.

Go hard or go home! Let’s be frank. Live life how you want or make it how you want it. Remember the inspirational story of Sean Stephenson? Against insurmountable odds, he persevered. He dared others to say they couldn’t do something.

I see life as a ripple. We make friends. We do something good or bad. It makes a ripple if we go either way good or bad that ripple becomes a wave. If your bad waves keep making you seasick, simply calm your ocean and start more good ripples.

We all make waves in life. Which kind will you make next? Will your waves be:

• I can’t?

• I don’t?

• I hate?

Or will you send out positive ripples?

• I will.

• I can.

• I love!

Read Thomas B. Smith’s inspirational book: If It’s to Be, It’s up to Me!

Adam Khedoori 2011


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