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 Adam's Mission 

My Mission in life is to assist others to a state of JOY in every situation. This means pain free, and in all situations. Most of the time issues are we have can get trapped in the body and weaken that area. This is totally bringing back the old with the new awareness of the body, mind and soul.


Healing myself and others is imprinted in my soul and is my first priority in life. 


To everyone my offer is if you are not satisfied about anything sms me for a free check. Because The only way this will spread is if you experience it.


Yes, It works over the phone. 


My tools are beyond the means of modern day slow diagnosis. They get results and find the root causes.


As we are all made of energy, the energy can be shifted. Even a Spinal adjustment can be changed with the use of intention. 




The Emotion Code Certified Practitioner - Dr Bradley Nelson

Yuen method full spectrum wellness TM Experienced practitioner  from LeRoy Malouf

Energetic well-being Process Essentials - Practitioner - Leroy Malouf

Kinesiology TFH Practitioner 

Founder of "Clear Life Now"