Clear Life Now - Energy Medicine at its Best

Your pain is a sign something needs to change... 
Lets change it fast without going in to detail. 
"Act now, the time will never be just right" Napoleon Hill

E-motions are Energy in motion - Pain is trapped/blocked energy



Transform pain or emotional issues fast with the Energetic Well Being Process© and Emotion code 
NOW OPEN from with a special room CHECK IT OUT
Just opened in Sydney...
Miracle healing Room
Darling point 
Open Week days from 1-3 pm Or by appointment
Contact for appointments - details on the side of the webpage
Sessions done remotely(call/Skype in) from this room
Call for address 0413 147 859
The rooms goal is to create a sacred place to connect with the infinite potential, where its safe grounding and makes transformation happen easily
w long can you live with stress/pain and resistance?
Adam Khedoori is dedicated to assisting you on the path to bring back your joy.
"For me it wasn't so much the money challenge but a way of trusting that somebody could help... I did not want to waste any more time, money and energy on ppl that "thought to have a solution for me" - I've tried so much over the years, but feel there was a very important shift that has started last week - I'm feeling so calm, it's amazing. But I was always scared of what would happen if I'd "let go". Now I'm not."

Thank you!! :) 



Pain can be physical or non-physical, Energy work finds the root cause without mis-diagnosis or poisonous chemicals.


Take Stress and the negative stuff out of your life.

Clear life now is a non-physical method.

Assistance is right now...

Would you like to...


  • Build solid relationships

  • Clear the past issues, setbacks or traumas, beliefs anything that's holding you back

  • Change your vibration to attract who you want

  • Clear stress, depression or anxiety

  • Clear your heart wall

  • Fastest and most cost effective method in the world

This is possible for everyone...


What do Clear Life Now customers say Testimonials?


Packages for Clearing Heart-Walls - Click here

After clearing a heart-wall the experience almost like getting back the divine love, for example child has boundless energy and capacity to love.

Did you know? 


  • The heart sends out an electromagnetic field that changes with your emotions.
  • The heart?s magnetic field can be measured up to several feet from the body.
  • A mother?s brainwaves can synchronize to her baby?s heartbeat.
  • Positive emotions can help you make good decisions.


March 2014 Radio interview and free session recording to download




Clearing and corrections done by Adam Khedoori using the EWB Process©, the YUEN METHOD FULL SPECTRUM WELLNESS©, Emotion Code, SPIRITUAL HEALING and other energetic methods are not a replacement for any treatment, and may or may not accelerate the elimination of your SYMPTOMS. No claims are made with the use of these methods, of treatment or cures for your conditions, symptoms, injuries, illness or disease. Consult your physician, therapist or counselor for diagnosis and treatment. 

As the Client/Participant I hereby release Adam Khedoori and colleagues involved with the EWB PROCESS, YUEN METHOD FULL SPECTRUM WELLNESS, emotion code, and SPIRITUAL HEALING from any liability, including personal injury, accident, or any physical, mental or emotional condition that may result from work done on and with Me. 

I have read the above agreements and terms and further certify that I am a voluntary participant before doing any sessions


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